You deserve the love of a lifetime!
Three Day Live Event
West Orange, NJ

April 17-19

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This Event Is For You If...
  • You're a confident, independent woman struggling in the relationship department
  • You don't want to waste any more time on horrible dates and you want great dating strategies to help you find quality men
  • You're 40+ and questioning whether love is in the cards for you
  • You’re ready for that special love where you’re seen & cherished just as you are…
  • You’re sick of dating the same person over and over
  • You want a relationship without losing your independence 
  • You’re looking for sisterhood with other women in your boat and wanna have some fun…
  • You want to find out why you hold yourself back in love and are ready for a breakthrough…
  • You want more tools to support your vulnerable heart so that your love life rocks...
  • You’re done abandoning yourself & walking on eggshells and you are  ready to stand strong in what you want and who you are without apology…
  • And so much more…
Would you like to speak to someone? Call 973-464-8739 We are happy to answer any questions!

KRISTOPHER LOVESTONE- Relationship expert & best-selling author of Conscious Cock
SHERI WINSTON- Award-winning author of Woman's Anatomy of Arousal
RACHAEL RUSSO- Matchmaker & dating/relationship coach
HUNT ETHRIDGE- Award winning dating/relationship expert


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Day 1: Find Your North Star in Love: You'll discover what you are truly wanting in your next love chapter

DAY 2: Create Your New Love Story: Let go of your sabotaging limiting beliefs which continue to hold you back and learn dating strategies to help you take your love life to a whole new level

DAY 3: Magnetize New Love:  We set the foundation to attract your next best relationship.

                   Our Promises…

       to you at Find Fabulous Love LIVE

  • Discover What’s Blocking You From Welcoming In Next Level Love
  • Quiet Your Inner Critic & Squash Your Doubts
  • Dating tips to streamline your love journey
  • Amp Up Your Worthiness & Learn How Lovable You Truly Are
  • Reignite Your Fire and Welcome in Hot, Healthy Love
  • Experience Vulnerability In A Whole New Way That’s Not So Scary
  • Connect With Other Sisters On The Same Love Journey
  • Reflect Upon Your Love Life Story And Begin To Change Your Love Story For The Better

If you're single and ready for love but feel stuck in some way & you’re a woman in midlife ready to open your heart and trust in love again, this event is a game changer…

Junie’s Story
Hi, my name is Junie Moon and let me just say, I didn't always have a trust in love and it was messy...

If walking on eggshells was an Olympic sport, I’d have won first place. For most of my adult life I was scared to speak my truth or ask for what I wanted. I was afraid of appearing as too much. I squashed my voice, my needs, my everything.
I felt really alone and unseen. I wanted deep connection but for me to have the intimacy I craved, I needed to welcome real in-to-me-see. 

I was hurting big time and thought there had to be a healthier way to be in a relationship.  
After doing a ton of personal growth work, I found my inner power and self-love. It helped me express my true self.  I found my voice and healthier boundaries. I found me and committed to never let her go. 

My marriage didn’t last but my next relationship was off the charts amazing. I discovered what I call Next Level Love and experienced bliss on earth.  

I noticed the more self-love and self-care I had, the more I was able to have deeper connection to my beloved. I was able to communicate my needs and experience true intimacy.

And now I teach other women how they too can have off-the-charts love in a way that they may not even know exists. And it starts with healing you...

After years of feeling so alone, scared, unworthy and undeserving of love, I now see it could be very different and my mission is to help Every Woman know that they deserve to be seen, held, cherished, and adored without abandoning who they are. 

What is Next Level Love?

  • It’s a partnered love where you can fully express yourself and be adored.
  • It’s a love where you can feel relaxed inside your own skin and not abandon your values.  
  • It’s a safe place where you don’t have to change who you are in order to make the relationship work.
  • It’s a sacred container for you to show up fully, as you, without apology and be loved for it.
  • It’s a place where you can soar into higher realms in love because you are free to do so.

Take The Leap Toward Love and Come To:
Find Fabulous Love!

Find Fabulous Love
For The Successful Woman

Who Has Everything
But Her Man
April 17-19

Click below to grab a ticket. There is LIMITED SEATING due to the personalized attention particpants receive. When you register you’ll be asked to put a $100 seat deposit down and you’ll get that back when you get to the event!

Find Fabulous Love 2020

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No Risk To You…

If something comes up and you can’t attend Find Fabulous Love, you are welcome to transfer your registration toward the next one OR get a credit towards any other Junie Moon event. You also can even give it to a friend or colleague and have them come in your place.

"Junie is the queen when it comes to helping women find solid ground while reaching for the stars. I encourage you to grab a ticket right now and join her."

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Happy Campers Who Have Experienced Junie’s Work

I used to be outgoing and bold, but after some crash and burn relationships I became very risk averse. I learned so much from Junie’s event that can now help me take next steps in my love life. I recommend people go to her workshops. It’s nothing I ever experienced before. I’m so deeply grateful. Tracy S

Even with all our differences, Junie brought the whole group together as one.  She made it a safe place for us to explore what’s holding us back. I loved the exercise with taming the inner critic.  That helped me a lot because mine is huge. I also completely enjoyed the interaction with the other people in the group. It was empowering.  Mary L

Junie walked us through powerful exercises to stop those inner voices that have us feel we're not good enough and that bring up a lot of fear and doubt.  I found the Inner critic work tremendously effective to access some of the things that were holding me back.  I now have some next steps to get what I want in my life.  Anne L

Junie is not the typical “high gloss” inspirational speaker. She speaks from the heart, sharing her vulnerabilities, her struggles, and her successes in an authentic way that truly resonates with an audience. She can laugh at herself – and in doing so, she shows us that you don’t have to be perfect to be inspirational. We all have a “divine spark” that can light a path for ourselves and for others if we are taught how to access it and embrace “the whole package”.  Robyn G

Find Fabulous Love LIVE

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